Paradox Motion

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  • Finding out your mental blocks
  • Learning to say 'no'
  • Dealing with trauma
  • Regaining self-esteem
  • Rebuilding inner strength after burn-out

Coaching or Therapy?

The true meaning of analytical therapy is to discover yourself. Fundamentally, everyone is already equipped with all the competencies and qualities needed to cope with the challenges of life. However, in order to use them you will often have to (re)discover these hidden qualities, and find out how to access them and what is keeping you away from using them effectively.

The key to making these discoveries is the ability to reflect on situations which you consider undesirable. You can then confront yourself with those parts of your personality that are involved in - or maybe even creating - these undesirable situations. This is your shadow side, which you most likely did not know of before. The discovery of these hidden elements of 'who you are' will make you aware of the drivers of your behaviour, emotions and feelings. Ultimately, it is this awareness that enables you to achieve permanent change. Getting to this point however, is not easy for many people ...

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Paradox Motion, Practice for Jungian Analytical Therapy and Coaching
Nathalia Moonen - Budhi Nugroho - Analytical Therapist and Coach

  • Finding your way out of marital problems
  • Overcoming anxieties
  • Balancing feelings and mind
  • Dealing with restlessness and sleeping disorders
  • Handling tension and stress