Paradox Motion

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  • Finding out your mental blocks
  • Learning to say 'no'
  • Dealing with trauma
  • Regaining self-esteem
  • Rebuilding inner strength after burn-out

Coaching or Therapy?

Sometimes it seems as if you cannot free yourself from behaviours, thoughts and feelings that block you in daily life and in your personal growth. You keep making the same old mistakes again and again, despite your resolve to (re)act differently 'next time'. Even a good coach might not be able to help here, because coaching only addresses 'visible' behaviour. In these cases, more is needed to bring to the surface the true roots of the issue, your psychological blockers or belief systems, and then to address them.

ANALYTICAL THERAPY goes beyond coaching ... Analytical therapy aims to directly approach the experiences and feelings that caused the psychological blocks in the first place. It is, in a way, a journey of discovery into your own unconscious world. One of the techniques used, is active imagination. Under guidance of the therapist, you let the images that symbolise the source of your deepest convictions (belief systems) come to the surface. In this way, you can face the original experiences -and your feelings that relate to them- and purposely give them another meaning. This is how you can change the way you deal with situations which refer, in one way or another, to these original experiences.

Paradox Motion, Practice for Jungian Analytical Therapy and Coaching
Nathalia Moonen - Budhi Nugroho - Analytical Therapist and Coach

  • Finding your way out of marital problems
  • Overcoming anxieties
  • Balancing feelings and mind
  • Dealing with restlessness and sleeping disorders
  • Handling tension and stress