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  • Finding out your mental blocks
  • Learning to say 'no'
  • Dealing with trauma
  • Regaining self-esteem
  • Rebuilding inner strength after burn-out
Approach Who is behind your mask? Questions to yourself
About Paradox Motion and myself What is being asked of you?

What does therapy do for you?

Analytical therapy helps you to recognise, acknowledge and change -or discard- psychological blocks. It goes beyond coaching... Analytical therapy aims to directly approach the experiences and feelings that caused the psychological blocks in the first place. For this, I use a range of 'techniques' such as hypnosis, active imagination, interpretation of dreams and the analysis of drawings that I may ask you to make. Sometimes, I use the individuation game (R.A.P.P.) as a tool to make you aware of your own qualities and of the drivers from your unconscious archetypes.

Your responses to my initial questions and probes during a therapy session and the spontaneous flow of that session will decide which of the above approaches we will apply. The objective is to discover the true root of your blocks and to make you aware why you have them.

This is a very natural way to remove your psychological blocks. By leveraging their intrinsic motivation for inner growth, I motivate people to engage in this therapeutic process.

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Paradox Motion, Practice for Jungian Analytical Therapy and Coaching
Nathalia Moonen - Budhi Nugroho - Analytical Therapist and Coach

  • Finding your way out of marital problems
  • Overcoming anxieties
  • Balancing feelings and mind
  • Dealing with restlessness and sleeping disorders
  • Handling tension and stress