Paradox Motion

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  • Finding out your mental blocks
  • Learning to say 'no'
  • Dealing with trauma
  • Regaining self-esteem
  • Rebuilding inner strength after burn-out
Approach Who is behind your mask? Questions to yourself
About Paradox Motion and myself What is being asked of you?

Meet your own paradoxes!

You love somebody,
but simultaneously you hate this person as well.

You want to accept your own limitations,
yet, at the same time, you take on every task.

You think that you have the courage to do something,
however, ultimately you cop out.

You want to build a strong social network,
but you are afraid to stand out.

You want to give space and responsibility to others,
but every time you find yourself checking on them.

Few things have remained as vibrant throughout the ages as paradoxes.
By studying paradoxes we will gain a better understanding of what we don't know yet.

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Paradox Motion, Practice for Jungian Analytical Therapy and Coaching
Nathalia Moonen - Budhi Nugroho - Analytical Therapist and Coach

  • Finding your way out of marital problems
  • Overcoming anxieties
  • Balancing feelings and mind
  • Dealing with restlessness and sleeping disorders
  • Handling tension and stress